Every tuesday from 22:00 till 24:00 on DFM Radio. Plattegrond presents the Wasmachine show with international guest, performances,  concert recordings, new alternative music, freaky mashups hosted by Hakki Takki. Genres: bleep electro, music from arab, acid/rave, melodic noise, film music, experimental pop/indie rock, tropical dance. This show is supported with people from Lemon Communty, an organisation that collaborates in different projects and events around alternative electronic music. This show exists for over 6 years, and is broadcasted from artists home, special event location, but  mostly from the DFM studio in Amsterdam. Before the show called `error´, named after the party organisation Errorkrew.

DFM RTV INT is the first webstation from The Netherlands. Starting 1996 and still ruling with it’s independent noncommercial internet broadcast pioneering. DFM Members broadcast live from their home studios, from special locations like alternative bars, parties, bigger events or from the DFM studio in Amsterdam.

listen: now
previous casts:


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