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A late night improvisation in Groningen, by Bouk Bouwmeester and Frank Schouten / Strukton.


hakki takki -new track

Plattegrond at Soundcloud

Listen to a live recording from BAHK:

Download: Draged Into Technonoise Jam In The Morning from Hakki Takki

Noboru Watanabe

Noboru Watanabe (Cole Blackford)
It started out as music, then literature that included music and cats and that turned into cats and that is why I chose Noboru Watanabe from a book by Haruki Murakami but for the stats: American in Amsterdam writing a novel, making music, learning video, capturing images and growing some static. Contact: growstatic(at)gmail(dot)com

Plaid: Stills (Noboru Watanabe Evisceration Remix) from Noboru Watanabe (Cole Blackford) on Vimeo.

Hakki Takki and Bahk as `Opdat`: Live soundscape jam at the Lijnbaansgracht

Press to listen
Opdat – Live soundscape jam at the Lijnbaansgracht

Matto Frank – Delicatessen Narrominded-avond

Matto Frank – Delicatessen Narrominded-avond louder by hakkitakki