14 May – NDSM – Plattegrond 5 Year Bash

14 May – NDSM – Underdock – Plattegrond 5 Year Birthday Bash
(go to the crane, walk straight on towards the water = party time)
We celebrate our 5th. anniversary with a wide range of live performances and dance party. Big fun from 21:00 until late. Industrial space: be careful with wearing pumps, might be uncomfortable. Cheap drinks, free entrance, nice view on a’dam-skyline with camp-fire at the water.

Live acts & dj’s:
Chant & Chicory (live electro acoustic emo)
Dagora (very good psychodelic impro noise from A’dam)www.myspace.com/dagora666
Muscletusk (impro noise from scotland)
Ali Robertson & Graham Stewart (Weirdo Performance)
Laser Poodle (Live Acid house)
NZN (noise electro band)
Mataklap (tropical terror)
LTDj’s (Lederhosen electro/techno)


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