14 May – NDSM – Plattegrond 5 Year Bash

14 May – NDSM – Underdock – Plattegrond 5 Year Birthday Bash
(go to the crane, walk straight on towards the water = party time)
We celebrate our 5th. anniversary with a wide range of live performances and dance party. Big fun from 21:00 until late. Industrial space: be careful with wearing pumps, might be uncomfortable. Cheap drinks, free entrance, nice view on a’dam-skyline with camp-fire at the water.

Live acts & dj’s:
Chant & Chicory (live electro acoustic emo)
Dagora (very good psychodelic impro noise from A’dam)www.myspace.com/dagora666
Muscletusk (impro noise from scotland)
Ali Robertson & Graham Stewart (Weirdo Performance)
Laser Poodle (Live Acid house)
NZN (noise electro band)
Mataklap (tropical terror)
LTDj’s (Lederhosen electro/techno)

Plattegrond in de Gonzo #102

Dat is erg aardig, bedankt, Gonzo #102 (is nu verkrijgbaar)!

26 Februari – Rammelfest 2.1 – NDSM

SA 26 FEB 2011 start 20.00 entree 5 euro locatie PickUp Club NDSM Amsterdam (Tt Neveritaweg 15 N, NDSM-Warf)  Entrance blue door opposite green crane.

Plattegrond afterparty in Occii


A late night improvisation in Groningen, by Bouk Bouwmeester and Frank Schouten / Strukton.

Plattegrond Disco Doos

Plattegrond in Berlin

Hakki and Luc will do Mystics in Bali

Wednesday 15 December: Movie screening(20:30/4euro) + Diner (19:30/7,50) Mystics in Bali with soundtrack by Hakki takki and Puh Quh. Delicatessen, Sumatrastraat 32 (www.delicatessenzeeburg.nl)

Plattegrond afterparty in OCCII

Plattegrond will do an afterparty in the OCCII at th 4th. of December, starting at 00:00. With Lazer, Reefteef & Hakki Takki! Special performance by Peter Quistgard with Gameboys A Gogo.
Before we start there is some psychedelic stuff, check the OCCII site for more info.

Plattegrond dj Lazer in Kleve

Plattegrond’s dj Lazer spinning his psychedelic discolectro shit!
Friday 12-11, with Kleinstadt Kollektiv.
Radhaus Kleve, Sommerich 37, Kleve.